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Failing to Launch

Dear Parents and Students,

As a psychiatrist, I have worked with many students struggling to navigate the stressors of high school and college.  Without adequate guidance and preparation, it can be difficult to not only manage but to thrive during this transition.

Perpetuated by a highly competitive college admissions process, culture of helicopter parenting and increased access and use of gaming, social media and substance use,  high school/college students are increasingly struggling to launch to the next phase of life. 

Self management, conscientiousness, and grit are just a few of the essential social emotional skills needed to flourish in young adulthood. Limited social emotional development threatens their ability to transition successfully from high school into college or from college into the workforce. There are significant costs when young adults are not prepared for this transition including poor academic achievement and risk of failing out of school, underemployment or unemployment, limited social and professional networks, interpersonal issues and increased risk of depression and other mental health issues.

After working with so many hardworking and dedicated students who have struggled academically and/or socially during this transition, I wanted to create a psychoeducational program for students to explore common challenges of college life and teach the essential social emotional skills needed to best negative these inevitable hurdles. I look forward to working with your children in preparing them to successfully launch into their next endeavor. 



Raena Khorram, MD

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