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Katie Chockley, LSW, MPH

Katie is a licensed social worker who received her Master of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College and her Master of Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated cum laude from Yale University. 


As a clinician, Katie believes in leading with unconditional positive regard, curiosity, and respect for the client as the expert on themselves, and she views clients contextually, considering the impact of their environments, especially systems of power and oppression. Katie is informed by psychodynamic theories and integrates cognitive behavioral and somatic techniques as appropriate, adapting to the unique needs and strengths of each client. She is passionate about creating a safe, collaborative, and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment. 


Being trauma-informed is core to her work, and she is skilled in pacing trauma work with clients. She has extensive experience working with survivors of sexual trauma and relationship violence and knows trauma goes much further than individual acts of violence. 


As a lesbian and as someone with a decade of experience working within the LGBTQ community on issues of sexual violence and mental health, she is aware of the unique concerns LGBTQ clients experience. Katie is passionate about working with LGBTQ clients and those exploring their sexuality and gender identity. 


Previously, Katie worked in interpersonal violence prevention at the University of Pennsylvania, serving as both a prevention specialist and a survivor advocate for students, and she also worked in health care policy research at the university.

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