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Mandy Schaller, LCSW

Mandy has 20 years experience working integrating human behavior, health and healing to create lasting and positive changes as a therapist.

She integrates brain health, nutrition, family systems theory as well as art & music into the treatment process.


Her professional history includes individual, family & group therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma & eating disorders. Her background in family systems allows her to look at learned roles & behaviors; blending the past & present to design a future her clients get excited about.  While Mandy engages clients in examining their daily habits and how that impacts brain health, she also helps them understand how their subconscious is at play. She allows clients to set goals and a pace that feels useful and individualized. 

Mandy has been on the forefront of providing telecounsling for young adults & their families, needing transitional support post high school & college. While this transition is often associated with freedom & fun, there are significant stressors that accompany this new found independence.  After 5 years of working on Temple University's campus, she has gained more awareness of those stressors and has developed therapeutic interventions to best support her clients.


Mandy received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, James Madison University and Masters of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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