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about us

We work with patients to identify, understand,
and solve problems. Together we transform that understanding into positive action.

We see patients in our office and online. Using a HIPAA compliant video platform, we offer telepsychiatry services which allow us to work with patients across the state of Pennsylvania.  Our practice is based in Bryn Mawr, PA where we started initially serving the Mainline and the greater Philadelphia community.


Bryn Mawr Mental Health and Wellness offers  comprehensive psychiatric treatment using a combination of psychotherapy and medication management to treat depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety, ADHD, eating and addiction disorders.

As a patient, you will receive highly individualized, expert, and compassionate care in a safe, confidential environment. It is our belief that every patient deserves a warm, respectful partnership with their provider, an informed and collaborative role in the treatment process, and relief from suffering.

At Bryn Mawr Mental Health and Wellness, medication is considered only for patients who are engaged in therapy.  We believe medication is most effective in combination with therapy to optimize mental health. 

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